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Android Developer 2021

This content is a suggested learning path to help guide your Android studies. To use this content, have in mind that the roadmap has macro boxes, that are in the middle (following the line path), and from them we have micro boxes, that are more refined content about the topic of the parent box. So, in this way, we suggest you read from the macro to the micro boxes, from the top to bottom direction. This is how we think a roadmap should flow, in terms of needs and difficulties. In addition, it is good to know that you don't need to know everything in the image bellow to be a good Android developer. You can follow your needs (in your studies, projects, etc) and it will be ok! Remember that this is a collaborative content, so, if something is missing or incomplete, please think about how to improve it for the community. Notice that here we have a suggested learning path based on Android comununity option abaut the topics. We know that there are too many levels of knoweledge (even inside each topic). But this path consider the minimum that you need to build aplications from zero to complex sistems. Keep learning each topic, even if it's on the begining of the path is useful and strongly recommendated, because it will become easier to understend the following themes from them.

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