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Natural Language Processing
nlp-roadmap is Natural Language Processing ROADMAP(Mind Map) and KEYWORD for students those who have interest in learning Natural Language Processing. The roadmap covers the materials from basic probability/statistics to SOTA NLP models. Caution! * The relationship among keywords could be interpreted in ambiguous ways since they are represented in the format of a semantic mind-map. Please just focus on KEYWORD in square box, and deem them as the essential parts to learn. * The work of containing a plethora of keywords and knowledge within just an image has been challenging. Thus, please note that this roadmap is one of the suggestions or ideas. * You are eligible for using the material of your own free will including commercial purpose but highly expected to leave a reference. **Roadmaps** 1. [Probability & Statistics]( In the process... Machine Learning Text Mining Natural Language Processing (based on Deep Learning) author:
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