Goals and Motivation

Ultimate goal is to build the universe of all the skills and their dependencies, to collect free materials and resources that could be used by any people to get the knowledge, to get the skill. For free, for everyone.

Imagine, when you could click on the profession of "Astronaut" and see the hierachy of skills, required to become an astronaut. You could click another button and all the skills, achievable through the primary or high school, will be visible on the diagram. Another click - you have personalized development path, with links to free materials, courses etc - everything you need to become an astronaut. Or programmer. Or entrepreneur. Or... whoever you wish.

When your child will ask you - "Why should I go to school?", you will tell him: "You wanted to become an astronaut, look, here you are on the diagram. And here that you need to reach".

All power of knowledge becomes available not only to rich and strong, but to anyone, who has access to internet.

Imagine, that you could always check what skills people of your profession have that you don't. You want to change a profession - it is simple, platform will create your personal development plan, from you current state to your dream. You will only need to study, and study hard.

"Infinite Education" is a glowing arrow in the darkness of infinite information that surrounds us every day.
"Infinite Education" is a door to the future Education.
"Infinite Education" is the door to the future of our people, it is the Door to our Future.